Toy Town

Billund is the birthplace of the LEGO, the company that created the “Toy of the century”, the colorful and evergreen bricks. In the last decades LEGO became one of the most important companies in Denmark and which, during the last century, brought into town wellness, money and a never-expected quality of life. Today Billund, with its 6000 inhabitants, has an international airport, a couple of huge amusement parks, schools, libraries, wonderful playgrounds, a tennis club and any kind of facilities for its families.

But the Lego Company changed so much this place that ended to replace its own original identity of farming village with a new one. Everything in Billund now is about Lego and everybody works for, or thanks, to it.

Lego molded so much that little town into its own image that now Billund looks sometimes like a company town. A Toy Town. As soon as you get there you can’t avoid to breathe that “toyness” all around.