On the side

People who know or live in Beirut consider it as a place in which a new, and sometimes imminent, conflict is always drawing.

This uncertainty, this faint stability, does not prove to place a check on progress and life but, as it was completely absorbed by the people who experience it, becomes the raw material, the fuel through which the city burns and and builds the present.

Beirut is a city that lives on present, and it’s in the present that it seems to project itself. It’s probably a short-term but, at the same time, very solid projection.

The pursuit of immediate fullness is evident everywhere, in the uninterrupted urban growth, in the economic and cultural boosts and, of course, in the youth-life, constantly in search for emancipation, amusement, fulfillment. There is no doubt that the city (probably the most open-minded city of the Middle East) offers the possibility to satisfy all that.

These images portray everything that stands on the side of this fullness, this burning without wearing out, on the side of parties excesses and nightlife, of daytime progress and development.