Youngsters Hunters

Hunting in Northern Europe and Scandinavia is extremely widespread and practiced, and Finland is an excellent example of that. It is indeed the fourth country in the world for firearms ownership, for the purpose of hobbies, collection and game hunting. According to the latest ranks about 43% of Finns have a gun license. Hunting is definitely the sphere which influence more this data, constituting a very significant aspect in the culture and tradition of Northern European and Finnish in particular.
In Finland the youngsters under 18 years old can get a license, and several thousands of them – especially from small communities and villages – apply every year.

In those areas hunting is a strong part of their identity, it’s their way to relate to the surrounding environment and to belong to it. And youngsters often grow up and shape themselves following that identity and that sense of community.

“Hunting is something that we surely don’t need anymore, but that probably we can’t miss yet” is probably the best way to summarize all the aspects and sides of a very controversial and argued topic, in terms of environment, morality, economy and safety.